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A comprehensiveclinical reference on managing the entire spectrum of movement disorders

NEW DVD with videoclips

Featuringcontributions from more than one hundred leading experts, this full-color textcovers pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of all movement disorders -from ataxia to Parkinson's Disease. Movement Disorders examines theneurobehavioral changes and comorbidities that frequently occur andincorporates the latest genetic information and the most current references.

Chapters coverClinical Presentation and Course, Pathophysiology, Differential Diagnosis,Etiologies, and Treatment. The third edition is highlighted by a new full-colorpresentation, more than 240 color illustrations and photos, and a DVD withvideo clips of patients with movement disorders.

Table of contents                                    

§                    Contributors

§                    Foreword

§                    Preface


§                                            1. Overview of Movement Disorders and Approachto the Patient, Zbigniew K. Wszolek and Donald B. Calne

§                                            2. Assessing Disability in Movement Disorders:Quantitative Techniques and Rating Scales, Seth L. Pullman and RachelSaunders-Pullman

§                                            3. Neuroimaging of Movement Disorders, David J.Brooks and Nicola Pavese


§                                            4. Functional Anatomy of the Basal Ganglia,Yoland Smith

§                                            5. Pathophysiology of the Basal Ganglia andMovement Disorders, José A. Obeso, Maria c. Rodriguez-Oroz, Inés Trigo-Damas,and M. Rodriguez

§                                            6. Functional Neurochemistry of the BasalGanglia, Anthony P. Nicholas and David G. Standaert

§                                            7. Neurotrophic Factors, Mart Saarma, PiviLindholm, and Urmas Arume

§                                            8. Neuropathology of Parkinsonian Syndrome,Dennis W. Dickson


1.                 Parkinsonian States: Parkinson's Disease

§                                            9. Genetics of Parkinson's Disease andParkinsonian Disorders, Andrew B. West

§                                            10. Epidemiology of Parkinson's Disease, ConnieMarras and Caroline M. Tanner

§                                            11. Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology ofParkinson's Disease, Federico Micheli, Maria G. Cersosimo, and G. FrederickWooten

§                                            12. Etiology of Parkinson's Disease, Yoshikuni Mizuno,Nobutaka Hattori, and Hideki Mochizuki

§                                            13. Clinical Manifestations of Parkinson'sDisease, Jayne R. Wilkinson, Daniel Weintraub, and Matthew B. Stern

§                                            14. Neuroprotective Therapies for Parkinson'sDisease, Talene A. Yacoubian and David G. Standaert

§                                            15. Pharmacological Treatment of Parkinson'sDisease, Werner Poewe and C. P. Mahlkne

§                                            16. Restorative Therapies for Parkinson'sDisease, Olle Lindvall

§                                            17. Stereotaxic Surgery and Deep BrainStimulation for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, Milind Deogonkar,Andre Machado, and Jerrold L. Vitek

§                                            18. Parkinson's Disease Dementia: Features andManagement, Murat Emre, Hasmet A. Hanagasi, and David J. Burn

§                                            19. Parkinson's Disease: Neuropathology, John E.Duda

2.                 Other Parkinsonian Syndromes

§                                            20. Multiple-System Atrophy, Bradley J.Robottom, Lisa M. Shulman, and William J. Weiner

3.                 Parkinsonian States: Akinetic-Rigid Syndromes

§                                            21. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Lawrence J.Golbe

§                                            22. Corticobasal Degeneration, Natividad P.Stover and Ray L. Watts

§                                            23. Infectious, Postinfectious, Toxin-Induced,and Drug-Induced Parkinsonism, Rajesh Pabwa and Kelly E. Lyons

§                                            24. Rare Degenerative Syndromes Associated withParkinsonism, Candan Depboylu, J. Carsten Müller, and Wolfgang H. Oertel

4.                 Tremor Disorders

§                                            25. Essential Tremor, Kelly E. Lyons

§                                            26. Uncommon Forms of Tremor, Shyamal H. Mehta,Kapil D. Sethi, and Bala V. Manyam

§                                            27. Pathophysiology of Tremor, Rodger J. Elble

§                                            28. Genetics Forms of Dystonia, Susan B.Bressman

§                                            29. Adult-Onset Idiopathic Focal Dystonias, MariaJ. Marti and Eduardo S. Tolosa

§                                            30. Treatment of Dystonia, Octavian R. Adam andJoseph Jankovic

§                                            31. Symptomatic Dystonias, J.L. Lopez-Sendon, S.Cantarero, C. Tabernero, A.V. Vazquez, and J.G. de Yebenes

5.                 Choreatic Disorders: Huntington's Disease

§                                            32. Genetics and Molecular Biology ofHuntington's Disease, James F. Gusella, Marcy E. Macdonald, and Vanessa C.Wheeler

§                                            33. Clinical Features and Treatment ofHuntington's Disease, Sarah Wahlster and Jang-Ho J. Cha

§                                            34. Neuropathology and Pathophysiology of Huntington'sDisease, Steven M. Hersch, H. Diana Rosas, and Robert J. Ferrante

§                                            35. Tardive Dyskinesia, Stacy Horn andChristopher G. Goetz

§                                            36. Other Choreatic Disorders, Margery H. Mark

6.                 Myoclonic Disorders

§                                            37. Classification, Clinical Features, andTreatment of Myoclonus, Rafael Gonzalez-Redondo, Asier Gomez, and Jose A. Obeso

§                                            38. Pathophysiology of Myoclonic Disorders,Camilo Toro and Mark Hallett

§                                            39.Tourette Syndrome and Related Disorders, Jorge L. Juncos

§                                            40.The Molecular Genetics of the Ataxias, George R. Wilmot, S.H. Subramony, andHenry L. Paulson

§                                            41.Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Cerebellum, and Rehabilitation StrategiesAfter Cerebellar Injury, W. Thomas Thach

7.                 Other Movement Disorders

§                                            42. Wilson's Disease, Ronald F. Pfeiffer

§                                            43.Stiff-Person Syndrome, Oscar S. Gershanik

§                                            44. Gait Disorders, Lewis Sudarsky

8.                 Special Considerations

§                                            45.Movements Disorders in Childhood, Erika Augustine, Jonathan Mink, and Leon S.Dure

§                                            46.Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Leg Movement of Sleep, David B. Rye andLynn Marie Trotti

§                                            47. Movement Disorders Specific to Sleep andSleep in Waking Movement Disorders, Donald L. Bliwise, Lynn Marie Trotti, andDavid B. Rye

§                                            48. Psychogenic Movement Disorders, Daniel S.Sa, Nestor Galvez-Jimenez, and Anthony E. Lang

§                                            49. Systemic Illnesses that Cause MovementDisorders, Amy Colcher and Howard I. Hurtig

§                    Index

About the authors

Ray L. Watts, MD John N. Whitaker Professor andChairman of Neurology Director of Clinical Research Parkinson's Disease andMovement Disorder Research Program University of Alabama at Birmingham
David G. Standaert, MD, PhD John andJuanelle Strain Professor of Neurology Director, Program for Neurodegenerationand Experimental Therapeutics Director, Movement Disorders Program Vice-Chairof Neurology University of Alabama at Birmingham
José A. Obeso, MD, PhD Consultant andProfessor of Neurology Clinica Universitaria and Medical School SeniorResearcher, Neuroscience, CIMA University of Navarra Pamplona, Spain



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