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General Information

Step-by-step guidance from the pioneers of today's most advanced techniques

Area of Focus: Hip,Knee & Lower Extremity and Joint Replacement

The world's leading knee reconstruction surgeons guide you step-by-step to managethe toughest cases you'll see. Developed in collaboration with The Knee Society, this powerful resourceputs the expertise of top surgeons at your fingertips tips, pearls, andtechniques that reflect theleading edge of knee reconstruction.

This techniques-oriented book provides concise, step-by-step guidance from top knee surgeons. Each procedure is liberally illustratedwith full-color intraoperative photographs and enhanced with videosdemonstrating pearls from master surgeons. Techniqueschapters are clearly organized for quickreference:

  • Indications

  • Contraindications

  • Alternative Treatments

  • Results

  • Technique:
    ..........Setup and Exposure
    ..........Instruments, Equipment, Implants Required
    ..........Wound Closure

  • Postoperative Regimen

  • Avoiding Pitfalls and Complications

  • Bibliography

Major sections include:

  • Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty

  • Complex Total Knee Arthroplasty

  • Complications After Total Knee Arthroplasty

  • Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty

  • Alternative Reconstructive Procedures

  • Sports Medicine
    ..........ACL Reconstruction
    ..........PCL Reconstruction
    ..........Collateral Ligament Reconstruction
    ..........Knee Dislocation
    ..........Meniscal Injuries
    ..........Patellofemoral Injuries

Knee Subspecialists:

  • Delve deep into the complicated cases that mark your practice

  • Manage the most formidable situations with new confidence

General Orthopaedists:

  • Get ready to help more and more patients stay active

  • Learn step-by-step from the creators of these surgical breakthroughs


Tableof Contents

Editors: Jay R.Lieberman, MD; Daniel Berry, MD; Frederick M. Azar,MD

-Section 1: Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty-

  • 1. Primary TKA: Medial Parapatellar Approach
    Stephen J. Incavo, Michael Dayton, Jesse James Exaltacion

  • 2. Primary TKA: Lateral Approach
    Peter Keblish

  • 3. Primary TKA: Less Invasive Approaches
    Mark W. Pagnano

  • 4. Primary TKA: Submuscular Approaches (mid/subvastus)
    David F. Dalury, Kimberly Tucker

  • 5. Biomechanics/Kinematics of TKA
    Tim Wright, Carl Imhauser, Richard Komistek, Adrija Sharma

  • 6. TKA Bearing Surfaces (Cross-linked polyethylene, ceramic)
    Joshua Jacobs, Alexander Sah

  • 7. Preoperative Planning and Templating for TKA
    Richard Iorio, William Healy, Lawrence Specht, John Tilzey

  • 8. Cruciate-retaining TKA
    Richard Scott, C. Lowry Barnes

  • 9. Cruciate-substituting TKA
    Giles R. Scuderi, William Long

  • 10. Mobile bearing TKA
    John Callaghan

  • 11. Tibial Component Design Issues (All polyethylene, monoblock, modular
    Thomas S. Thornhill, John P. Dunleavy

  • 12. Primary TKA: Cemented Fixation
    Thomas R. Sculco, Roberto Rossi

  • 13. Primary TKA: Uncemented Fixation
    Aaron Hofmann, Clifford Clark

  • 14. Patella Resurfacing
    Lonner, Jess H.

  • 15. Rehabilitation and Pain Management
    Michael A. Mont, Anil Bhave

  • 16. Unicompartmental Knee
    Gerard Engh, William G. Hamilton

  • 17. Primary TKA: Outcomes/Identifying Problem Patients
    Douglas K. Ayres, Ayesha Abdeen

-Section 2: Complex Total Knee Arthroplasty-

  • 18. Overview and Strategies
    John Meding

  • 19. TKA: Extra-articular Deformity
    Thomas Fehring

  • 20. TKA: Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis
    Michael D. Ries

  • 21. TKA Following Prior Osteotomy and in the Presence of Hardware
    William L. Healy, John Tilzey

  • 22. TKA: Recurvatum/Flexion Contracture
    Adolph Lombardi

  • 23. TKA: Neuropathic Joint
    Terry Gioe, Patrick Morgan

  • 24. TKA Following Prior Patellectomy or Other Extensor Mechanism Problems
    E. Michael Keating, Trevor Pickering, John B. Meding

  • 25. TKA in Obese Patients
    Ray Wasielewski, Kate Sheridan

  • 26. TKA: Valgus Knee
    Amar Ranawat, Yossef Blum, Chitranjan S. Ranawat

  • 27. TKA: Varus Knee
    Russell Windsor, Yoowang Choi

  • 28. TKA for Distal Femoral Fracture in the Elderly
    Michael Berend, Keith Berend

  • 29. Bilateral TKA
    Robert E. Booth

-Section 3:Complications After Total KneeArthroplasty-

  • 30. Management of the Infected TKA
    Arlen D. Hanssen, Tad Mabry

  • 31. Management of the Unstable TKA
    Steven MacDonald

  • 32. Management of Periprosthetic Fractures
    George J. Haidukewych

  • 33. Management of Nerve and Vascular Injuries Associated with TKA
    James A. Rand

  • 34. Management of the Stiffness after TKA
    Michael Bourne, E. Marc Mariani

  • 35. Management of Skin Problems after TKA (multiple scars, flaps)
    Fred D. Cushner, William Long, Susan Scott

  • 36. Management of Extensor Mechanism Rupture
    Craig Della Valle, Aaron Rosenberg, Alexander Sah, Bryan Springer

  • 37. Prophylaxis/Treatment of DVT after TKA
    Clifford Colwell, Mary Hardwick

-Section 4: Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty-

  • 38. Overview and Strategies
    William Jiranek

  • 39. Revision TKA: Modes of Failure
    Kelly Vince

  • 40. Revision TKA: Indications and Contraindications
    Kevin L. Garvin

  • 41. Revision TKA: Extensile Surgical Approaches: Quadriceps Releases
    Bassam A. Masri, Donald S. Garbuz, Muhyeddine Al-Taki

  • 42. Revision TKA: Management of Osteolysis
    William Griffin

  • 43. Component Removal
    Peter Sharkey, Wadih Matar

  • 44. Revision TKA: Patellar Revision
    Robert Barrack, Stephen R. Burnett

  • 45. Conversion of Failed Unicondylar TKA
    James Benjamin

  • 46. Revision TKA: Cemented and Uncemented Stems
    Thomas P. Vail

  • 47. Revision TKA: Bone Loss Management: Cancellous Grafts
    Charles Nelson

  • 48. Revision TKA: Bone Loss Management: Structural Grafts
    Allan E. Gross, David Backstein, Oleg Safir, Joseph Aderinto

  • 49. Revision TKA: Bone Loss Management: Metal Augments
    Robert T. Trousdale

  • 50. Revision TKA: Condylar TKA: Constraint Level
    Douglas A. Dennis, Derek Johnson, Raymond Kim

  • 51. Revision TKA: Hinged Implants
    Henry Clarke

  • 52. Knee Arthrodesis
    James Stiehl

-Section 5: AlternativeReconstructive Procedures-

  • 53. Overview and Indications for Articular Cartilage Restoration
    Brian J. Cole, Cecilia Pascual-Garrido, Robert C. Grumet

  • 54. Arthroscopy for Arthritis
    Matthew Matava

  • 55. Autogenous Chondrocyte Transplant
    Tom Minas, Andreas Gomoll

  • 56. Autogenous Osteochondral Transfer
    William Bugbee, Simon Gortz

  • 57. Allograft/Cartilage Transplant
    Bert Mandelbaum, Simon Gortz, William Bugbee

  • 58. Abrasion Arthroplasty and Microfracture
    J. Richard Steadman, Karen Briggs, William G. Rodkey

  • 59. Meniscal Transplant
    E. Lyle Cain, Jr

  • 60. Tibial Osteotomy
    David Backstein, Allan Gross, Oleg Safir, Joseph Aderinto

  • 61. Femoral Osteotomy
    Kenneth A. Krackow

-Section 6: Sports Medicine-ACL Reconstruction

  • 62. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    James Andrews, Mark Miller, Rick Wright

  • 63. Graft Choices for ACL Reconstruction: Bone-patellar tendon-bone
    Bernard Bach, Dana P. Piasecki

  • 64. Graft choices for ACL Reconstruction: Hamstrings
    Champ Baker, Jr, Champ Baker, III

  • 65. Graft choices for ACL Reconstruction: Quadriceps Tendon Autograft
    Walter Shelton

  • 66. Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction
    Freddie Fu, Alexis Chang Colvin

  • 67. ACL Reconstruction in Skeletally Immature Patients
    Mininder Kocher, Eric McFeely

  • 68. ACL Injuries with Bony Avulsion
    Allen F. Anderson, Christian Anderson

  • 69. Complications of ACL Reconstruction
    Robert Arciero, Drew Fehsenfeld

  • 70. Revision ACL Reconstruction
    Donald K. Shelbourne, Scott Urch

  • PCL Reconstruction

  • 71. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    Frederick M. Azar

  • 72. Transtibial Single-Bundle Reconstruction
    Gregory Fanelli

  • 73. Double-Bundle PCL Reconstruction
    Christopher D. Harner, Sam Robinson, James Romanowski

  • 74. Tibial Inlay Reconstruction
    Richard D. Parker, Sam Ahkavan

  • 75. PCL Injuries with Bony Avulsion
    Marc Safran, David Hay

  • 76. Complications of PCL Reconstruction
    David McAllister, Tony Quach

  • Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

  • 77. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    Frederick M. Azar

  • 78. Treatment of Acute and Chronic Medial-Side Injuries
    Robert F. LaPrade

  • 79. Treatment of Acute and Chronic Medial-Side Injuries
    Christopher Kaeding, David Flanigan

  • 80. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    Michael J. Stuart, Bruce Levy

  • 81. Operative Treatment of Acute and Chronic Dislocations
    Eric C. McCarty, Brett W. Gibson

  • 82. Complications of Knee Dislocations
    Claude T. Moorman, Greg Nicandri

  • Meniscal Injuries

  • 83. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    Scott A. Rodeo

  • 84. Arthroscopic Meniscectomy
    Robert H. Miller, Seth Rosenzweig, Frederick M. Azar

  • 85. Meniscal Repair: All-Inside Technique
    Annuziato Amendola, Davide Bonasia

  • 86. Meniscal Repair: Outside-In Technique
    Thomas R. Carter

  • 87. Meniscal Repair: Inside-Out Technique
    Jason Koh, Dukhwan Ko

  • 88. Discoid Meniscus
    Sherwin Ho, Joshua T. Snyder

  • Patellofemoral Injuries

  • 89. Overview and Strategies-Technical Pearls
    Kurt P. Spindler

  • 90. Acute Patellar Instability
    Keith Kenter

  • 91. Chronic Patellar Instability
    John P. Fulkerson

  • 92. Rupture of the Extensor Mechanism
    Thomas DeBerardino



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