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Focusingexclusively on reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) techniques and devices, thisplentifully illustrated text covers all aspects of this important andinnovative treatment for shoulder pain and dysfunction. The book begins with ahistory of RSA followed by a thorough overview of the basic science andbiomechanics of the shoulder. Indications for and clinical applications of RSAin a number of surgical interventions are then described, including therevision of failed shoulder arthroplasty, setting in cases of glenoid andhumeral bone loss and rotator cuff tears. A whole section is then dedicated tovarious commercial devices with descriptive expert analysis of the design andimplementation of each. An examination of the current economic value of RSA,including cost effectiveness and expected cost outcomes, comprises the finalsection. Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty can therefore be read either from startto finish, allowing orthopedic surgeons to appreciate the various perspectivesoffered, or by selecting specific topics of interest much like a how-tomanual of either a particular device design or the treatment of a specificpathology.


  • The first comprehensive book devoted exclusively to reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) techniques and devices

  • Presents detailed discussions of the history and basic science of RSA, clinical applications and techniques, as well as prosthetic device design and implementation and economics

  • Brings together experienced leaders in shoulder replacement, with plentiful illustrations


Part IHistory of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

1 Origins of Reverse ShoulderArthroplasty and Common Misconceptions
Derek Pupello

PartII Biomechanics and Basic Science of Selected Leading Research Centers

2 Shoulder Biomechanics: CharitéUniversity of Medicine, Berlin, Germany
Sebastian Herrmann

3 Biomechanics of the ReverseShoulder Arthroplasty
William H. Rossy and Young W. Kwon

4 Reverse Shoulder Biomechanics:The Research Performed at the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education(FORE)
Sergio Gutiérrez

5 Design Optimization andProsthesis Classification: Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic, Bordeaux-Merignac,France
Pierre-Henri Flurin and Christopher P. Roche

6 Motion and Muscular Functionafter Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Richard W. Nyffeler

7 Biomechanics of the Normal andReverse Shoulder
Marcus G. Pandy

8 Biomechanics of the Reverse TotalShoulder Replacement:The Hospital for Special Surgery Perspective
Oren Costantini, Andreas Kontaxis, and Lawrence V. Gulotta

9 Analysis of Reverse TotalShoulder Arthroplasty Biomechanics Using a Dynamic Shoulder Simulator
Robert Z. Tashjian and Heath B. Henninger

10 Biomechanics of Reverse ShoulderArthroplasty: Contribution of Computer Modelling
Alexandre Terrier and Alain Farron

11 Kinematic Analyses of Patientswith Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Tjarco D. W. Alta, H. E. J. (DirkJan) Veeger, Thomas W. J. Janssen, and W. JaapWillems

12 Implant Retrieval: DrexelUniversity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Judd Day and Joseph A. Abboud

PartIII Clinical Uses

13 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplastyfor Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Without Glenohumeral Arthritis
Matthew F. Dilisio, Stephen A Parada, Jon J. P. Warner, Laurence D. Higgins

14 Massive Rotator Cuff Arthropathywith Glenohumeral Arthritis
Nathan G. Everding and Jonathan C. Levy

15 Intact Rotator 
Edward G. McFarland, Filippo Familiari, Alan Gonzalez-Zapata

16 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty inthe Setting of Proximal Humeral Fracture
Derek Cuff

17 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty inthe Setting of Scapula Fractures
Randall J. Otto and Matthew J. Teusink

18 RSA with Glenoid Bone Loss
Steven M. Klein

19 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty inPatients with Preoperative Deltoid Impairment
Alexandre Lädermann and Patrick J. Denard

20 Reverse Total ShoulderArthroplasty in the Setting of Infection
Salvatore J. Frangiamore, Matthew J. Grosso, Eric T. Ricchetti, and Joseph P.Iannotti

21 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty inthe Setting of Proximal Humeral Bone Loss
Daphne Pinkas, Shannon Carpenter, and J. Michael Wiater

22 Conversion of FailedHemiarthroplasty to Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Indications, Techniques,and Outcomes
Jonathan Barlow, Surena Namdari, and Gerald Williams

23 Reverse Prosthesis and theFailed Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
Elaine Mau and Joseph D. Zuckerman

24 Revision Reverse Total ShoulderArthroplasty
Thomas R. Duquin and John W. Sperling

25 Proximal Humerus Tumors
Gwen Sys, Alexander Van Tongel, and Lieven De Wilde

26 Massive Irreparable Rotator CuffTears: How to Rebalance the Cuff-Deficient Shoulder?
Marc-Olivier Gauci, Walter B. McClelland Jr., C. Bessiere, Charles-EdouardThélu, A. Rumian, Yannick Roussanne, Pascal Boileau

27 Influence of Arm Lengthening inReverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Alexandre Lädermann and Patrick J. Denard

28 How to Handle the Humeral Side
Elaine Mau and Joseph D. Zuckerman

29. Rehabilitation and ActivityExpectations following RSA
Patrick St. Pierre

30. Complications Associated withRSA
Bryan J. Whitfield and Richard J. Hawkins

PartIV Current Industry Devices and Surgical Techniques

31 Arthrex Univers Revers ShoulderProsthesis
Nick Metcalfe, Chris Mellano, and Tony Romeo

32 Aston Medical Duocentric®Reversed Prosthesis: Proposition of New Glenoid Component Design to PreventScapular Neck Notching
Emmanuel-Charles Baulot, Martin Gonzalvez, and Pierre Trouilloud

33 The Biomet Comprehensive©Reverse Total Shoulder System: Design Considerations and Surgical Techniques
Julien Berhouet, John W. Sperling, and David M. Dines

34 Depuy Synthes: JointReconstruction: DELTA XTEND Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis
Didier Poncet, Alexander Van Tongel, and Lieven De Wilde

35 DJO Surgical Reverse ShoulderProsthesis (RSP)
Philip J. Mulieri, Michael M. Hussey, and Mark Frankle

36 Design Features and SurgicalTechnique of The Scultra II Reverse Prosthesis
Renaud Gravier and Jean-Yves Simonet

37 Evolutis UNIC Reverse ShoulderProsthesis
Didier Oudet, Géraud Chaumeil, Philippe Delincé, François Bruchou, EtienneLesur

38 Exactech Equinoxe RTSA PlatformShoulder System Design Rationale
Christopher P. Roche

39 FH Orthopedics Arrow UniversalShoulder Prosthesis
Jean Kany and Denis Katz

40 Verso® Stemless Bone PreservingReverse Geometry Total Shoulder Replacement: (Innovative Design OrthopaedicsLtd.)
Ofer Levy

41 The Integra® Titan ReverseShoulder System
Matthew L. Ramsey

42 The SMR ® Shoulder System ofLima Corporate
Hans-Rudolf Bloch

43 Mathys Affinis® Inverse
Frank Dallmann, Marlen Egger, and Thierry Joudet

44 The Bayley/Walker Prosthesis:Stanmore Implants Worldwide
Ian Bayley, Deborah Higgs, and Simon Lambert

45 Tornier Aequalis AscendTM FlexConvertible Shoulder System
T. Bradley Edwards, Brent J. Morris, and Brian Hodorek

46 Zimmer Reverse Total ShoulderArthroplasty
Paul Joseph Cagle, Jr. and Evan L. Flatow

Part VEconomic Value

47 Value and Reverse Total ShoulderArthroplasty: The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education Perspective
Nazeem Virani

48 Value and Reverse Total ShoulderArthroplasty: The Boston Shoulder Institute Perspective
William E. Bragg, Lindsay R. Miller, Jon J. P. Warner, and Laurence D. Higgins


Mark Frankle, MD, FloridaOrthopedic Institute, Shoulder and Elbow Service, Tampa, FL, USA

Scott T. Marberry, MD, Foundationfor Orthopedic Research and Education (FORE), Tampa, FL, USA

Derek Pupello, MBA, Foundation forOrthopedic Research and Education (FORE), Tampa, FL, USA



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